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Vital Signs

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Vital Signs™ reports are used to (1) measure community well-being, (2) start conversations with local leaders and residents, and (3) identify trends to help communities set priorities.

West Vancouver's Vital Signs™ is a community initiative that uses a wide range of national data and local research to present a comprehensive, reader-friendly assessment of how we are faring when it comes to quality of life for all.

This community knowledge increases awareness of important local issues and opportunities, and is helping the Foundation focus its attention (and that of our donors)  to have the greatest impact.

West Vancouver's Vital Signs™ is part of a Community Foundations of Canada program that has involved over 65 community foundations in Canada and around the world. Combining quality of life indicators with explanations, comparisons and examples, Vital Signs™ creates a snapshot of the community and the people who live there, providing a tool for discussion, planning and action.


What is belonging? What influences it?  How do belonging, diversity and housing contribute to a healthy community?

These were some of the question that the West Vancouver Community Foundation started with in its follow-up to last year’s Vital Signs™ community indicators report.

Whereas the 2016 report provided a snapshot of what was happening in West Vancouver in 10 different areas, such as Learning, Safety, Environment, and Health and Wellness, this year’s report focuses more closely on belonging, diversity and housing - three of the areas that are critical to community health, vitality and resilience.

Over 1000 people contributed to this year’s Vital Signs™ research through a series of Vital Conversations, interviews, outreach, and surveys. The resulting Vital Signs™ Report summarizes the knowledge, insights, concerns and ideas contributed, and also includes relevant data gathered from the 2016 Census and other recent studies.

Our task now is to use this research to better support the agencies working at the community level; connect our donors with opportunities to help address these issues; and engage residents in simple things that they can do to create connections and build community.

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