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In 2017, we are convening a series of Vital Conversations focused on belonging, diversity and inclusion, and accessible housing, several factors are critical to community vibrancy and resiliency, and how some of our residents face particular challenges on these fronts.

The Vital Conversations will help us gather relevant information, insights, ideas and stories to:

  • inform our granting, donors, and special Vital Signs™ Report on Vulnerability and Resiliency
  • raise awareness about these topics in our community
  • foster a foundation for collaboration on addressing issues relevant to these topics.

The first Vital Conversation, on the theme Belonging, took place in April, and the second, on Diversity and Inclusion , is scheduled for May, and the third Conversation, on the theme of Accessible Housing, will be in June. These events are bringing together local organziations and leaders to share knowledge, expertise, lived experience and ideas to:

  • deepen our understanding of priority issues
  • help us decide where to focus attention and resources to have the greatest impact
  • inform our 2017 Special Vital Signs™ Report on vulnerability and resilience.

We will be providing summaries of what we are learning throughout the year, and we hope that you will join the Conversations by staying tuned to our posts, sharing your comments and ideas, and connecting with others in the community in your own Vital Conversations!


Thank you to our generous Vital Signs Partners