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Your gift reflects your values and aspirations. That’s why we offer investment options that will help you set up a fund that creates the kind of community impact that you are seeking with the level of involvement that suits you best.

All of our funds allow you to focus your investment on supporting issues that interest you and have a lasting positive impact on our community. You may choose to actively participate in how your funds are distributed, or the Foundation distributes your funds through our annual grants program on your behalf. 

Our donors work with us, as an alternative to setting up a private foundation because of our connections to community, and simply because it's easier administratively.

A special note about Memorial Funds-You can create a legacy for your loved one by setting up a fund in his or her name to support a charitable cause in the community in perpetuity.


Through community consultation and research, the West Vancouver Community Foundation’s Smart and Caring Community Fund is targeted towards community needs, and annual grants from this fund shift as these needs change over time. 


Designated Fund – a designated fund allows you to name charities that you wish to support in perpetuity through annual grant payments. The fund can be named after your family, your business, or the charity itself. This fund can be started with a $10,000 contribution.


This type of fund allows you to direct the income from your fund more broadly to cover a particular area of interest rather than any specific organization; e.g. arts, youth, health, education, sport, environmental conservation, etc. This fund can be started with a $10,000 contribution.


Donor Advised Funds are the most popular ways to give through Community Foundations. Similar to a private foundation, a Donor Advised Fund enables individuals and families to establish a charitable endowment fund, receive a donation tax receipt and then recommend grants over time. Grants must be made to a registered Canadian charity. This fund can be started with $10,000 and a pledge to contribute $10,000 each year for 5 years until the fund reaches $50,000.


Your charitable organization can set up an Agency Fund with us, creating a long-term source of revenue. By pooling investments, we’ll reduce your risk while optimizing returns. And we can help to grow your investment ensuring you get the most from our partnership.


Getting started is easy as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Many local charities have already chosen to set up funds with us. You can join them in working with a proven financial partner with an excellent reputation for donor stewardship, grant-making and community leadership offering you:

  1. Increased return and reduced risk as a result of pooling your investments.
  2. A stable stream of distributions on an annual basis.
  3. Annual fund statements.