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The West Vancouver Community Foundation exists through a philanthropic partnership with donors who establish endowment funds to provide grants to local charities. With over $13 million invested, the earned income continues to support a wide range of projects every year that operate in, or are of a direct benefit to the citizens of West Vancouver. Grants are awarded for projects/programs with special emphasis on:

Arts, Culture & Heritage
Sport & Recreation
Social Health & Wellbeing

and that are in alignment with the Foundation's priorities as identified in the Vital Signs 2016 report.

We encourage our donors to consider leaving a portion of their granting 'undesignated', to increase the number of applications we can fund. An increase in the size of our 'Smart & Caring Community Fund', will allow us to expand our annual granting impact and become more responsive to the ever changing needs of our community.

Final decisions on all grants with the Foundation and access to its decisions is restricted.


We are currently reviewing our granting policies to further align with the impact areas as identified through the Vital Signs 2016 report and the forthcoming 2017 document. Grant application dates will be advised in due course. All applicants are required to complete a Grant Application Form along with submitting the required supporting documentation. Please note that funding is normally limited to any one project for three years. The Foundation adjudicates applications and informs of decisions approximately six weeks from the deadline date. All recipients are required to complete a Grants Accountability Report, and a Grants Communication Checklist.

Please check back for our 2018 Grants Application deadline date.