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Giving to a charity is generally a one-time gift. Giving to a Foundation can guarantee your one time financial gift is not spent, but invested. The earnings from the investment are granted to a cause that you care about for a period of time or forever. It is literally "the gift that keeps on giving" year after year to support the philanthropic interests of the donor. This type of giving or donation is called an endowment.

An Endowment Fund is a type of financial donation given with the intent of gifting money not just once, but multiple times to a valued cause. When you create a charitable fund through your Community Foundation, you have the opportunity to benefit the Community now-and forever-with a permanent endowment. Your gift is invested over time and income from your fund is used to make grants. Your gift-and all future earnings from your gift-is a permanent source of community capital, helping do good work today and in the future.

Endowments provide ongoing benefits to the donor. The gift earns a market return while the principal stays intact or, if desired, the granting amount may be a combination of income and principal. Investment income is granted to a community issue or cause you care about supporting, now and in the future. The name of the endowment fund can honour your family, yourself, your business, or another individual. Tax benefits for the individual and/or family.

Guaranteeing your financial gift stays in your local community- you "give where you live". 

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